found my password. anyway.
they rearranged livejournal a shit-ton in the past howeverlongsincemylastentry.
and i still need to update my template. oh well. been on FB anyway, like all of you.
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in case you didnt/cant see my myspace.

working at a lab in gilroy. going full time soon.

married now. civil ceremony on sept 30th.
but still having the family-sized ceremony next april.

Dimmu in front, Narco(lepsy) in back.
new kittehs. :D
Dimmu in front, Narco(lepsy) in back.

this wasnt on myspace yet... and a new civic.
car will be going to her new owner this friday.
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but in other news.

the townhouse has been hit by a few different accent wall colors. i painted the downstairs half-bath a nice blue. the dining room wall is a backdrop of moss green. josh's room is unfuckingbelievably orange (all four walls!!! i swear i keep thinking the light is on in there, even when it isn't!) my room has two mellow smokey plum walls. savannah's will be a light lavender, eventually. there's someone staying in that room for the moment.

in the rear yard, we ripped out the offending shrubbery (to be brought to the knights of NI). still deciding whether to just lay down some pavers in the spot, or go for broke and pave it out. the thing is, we're already pretty much broke. so nothing's going to happen for a while there.

and life moves along.
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still running.

for some reason, when i was like 8 or 9 i was sure i would be dead around age 19. a certainty, a random 'factoid' burned into my core. nobody told me this. i just simply knew it as truth. i didn't have an inkling HOW i was to die, just a solid feeling that i would. apparently i outgrew that, seeing that i am a good 12 years overdue.

and right now, i can shake my head at my child-self and say 'ok i was wrong.'

or alternatively i can ask 'i wonder what happened to alter the etching in the stone?'

i suppose it's one thing to believe it yourself, have no one fortune-tell it to you.

a few years after her son was born, a devoutly buddhist mother went and prayed in the temple for her son's health. he was really sickly as a child. there is a huge solid rock? (bell?) at the temple that devotees try to lift after praying for an intention. if they successfully moved/lifted this weight, the intention would be met by all that is. if not... i'm guessing the monk interprets the meaning. so anyway she had prayed for three intentions, and on her third lift she could not even budge the weight.
her final intention was for her only son to live well into old age.
the monk said she needed to bring her son to temple on or just before his 40th birthday and pray again, or else he would die soon after he turned 40.
he long outgrew his childhood ailments (kidney disease and related complications). he's even had two children already, a son and a daughter.

and right now, i could shake my head at the monk and ask 'ok, what the heck was that about?'

or alternatively i can say 'come what may, but we're still going to the temple.'

paur turns 40 a few months after our wedding date.
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mid july is always fun lately.

went on vacation with the kids this past week. picked them up night of the 17th, spent the night at my parents. they took us out for lunch the next day at applebee's for paur's birthday. headed down that evening to san diego, where we all met up with my brother and sis-in-laws and a eugene-type person for camping at cuyamaca rancho state park for two nights. played in some cascades and a tiny swimming hole... no fish caught over at the cuyamaca reservoir but we paid a shit-ton just to be able to fish in it :/
then a three day whirlwind of the midway aircraft carrier and sea world, soak city chula vista, and then legoland on the way home. savannah liked soak city the best, sea world was a distant last. josh finally got his scared-ass onto the roller coasters at legoland (shit, the dragon coaster at the boardwalk is more hardcore, to compare). kids got dropped off at 2am, we got back to watsonville at 4am.
had a full day off, then i got to work the midnight special hours for the star wars clone wars action figures early this morning, and then i came back to run the revenue about 8 hours later.
and now we've a wedding to hit in about 2 hours.
now i'm going to eat. haha
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it's official.

been living in the townhouse since the 17th too (well i got the keys on the 10th, just the BED hadn't moved in until then. lol) one room is half-assed painted orange for my eventual stepson. the other room will be some sort of princess lavender for the eventual stepdaughter. our room will be an olive green color. been a bit of drama as we've found out how the previous owners neglected a couple things. but it's taken care of already. had to get our own fridge and washer/dryer. fun stuff.
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...supposedly keys tomorrow. which is what they've been saying for at least the past two months.

and also.

humorous pictures
more lolcat pictures
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crap i would like for my birthday.

because we all damn well know i have a mental block for requesting the practical shit.

GIANT SQUISHY OCTOPUS. there's also a shark, but i prefer less toothy fish. even jellyfish.
a new set of acrylic paints and brushes with stuff to paint on.
a lighter, skinnier digital camera.
a 61-key keyboard. i am not going to move any sort of piano.
a new camry. metallic blood-to-black paint (as in, it gradually goes from red to black from the hood to the trunk). haha.

on a slightly less aggravating note, i finally signed & notarized the loan documents for my townhouse today. June 2nd. and i put in the offer what, January 21st? fucking hell.

and i feel like an utter cunt for not keeping up with friends' ljs this whole month.
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so i havent been on here lately.

parental blessing acquired.
which had no real bearing on the fact that we are getting married next year.
well, maybe just psychological.

still waiting on escrow closure.
now it's my bank that's taking its sorryass time.

still working the two jobs.
only i am fulltime in sandcity and in dire need of regular rest. lol
speaking of which, i have to clock in within an hour or so.

i bought paur nine hot pepper plants (6 actual kinds).
everyone will now die from eating his food.
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